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Essential Android Apps

I now have at least four Android devices (don't ask), three of which are tablets. If you count my BlackBerry Playbook with the OS 2.0 Android player, you can make that four tablets. [ insert appropriate smiley here ]

You should probably know that I usually start by rooting my phone. We can talk more about that (I should write a post explaining how) but suffice it to say that rooting removes a lot of restrictions on what you can and can't run. That means superuser access, a command line prompt and shell, busybox, and a whole lot more. Moving on . . .

Must have apps that I load every time include the following.

Starting with backups, because you should always have a backup of your data. For this important task, I use Titanium (require unlocked phone) which then lets me store my backups on Dropbox. A 2GB Dropbox account is free and that is more than enough to take care of your phone settings, contacts, etc. Follow this link if you don't already have Dropbox. http://db.tt/a5GMskw Full disclosure, I get some free storage up to 6 GB if you use this link; I think I'm good for another 2 GIG or so.

Moving on, in no particular order . . .

  • For SSH, I use ConnectBot. 

  • Kindle for reading .mobi format texts (Amazon.com's format)

  • Kobo for reading epubs (more of a standard and what Kobo.com, and Chapters (in Canada), uses.

  • Evernote

  • Hootsuite

  • Screenshot It

  • Skype

  • TuneIn Radio

  • Dropbox (mentioned above)

  • LookOut; anti-malware, backup, locate missing device, and more. Many features are free but some, like device location, are premium.

  • Netflix

  • Astro File Manager

  • Air Droid (so I can access and control my Android devices remotely)

  • K-9 Mail client

  • Google+ Client

  • Poynt

  • A bunch of educational apps for my kids (hey, I'm a father of two)

  • A bunch of games -- I could claim these are for my kids too I suppose

How's that for a starter list?

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